There is a need to root out invasive alien species from ecosystem because they are a threat to the biodiversity. The environmental effects like global warming and climate change are taking place because of theses alien species which are destroying natural resources. Species like lantana, carrot grass and parthenium are alien and a threat to the existing species. Declining agricultural production is one of the ill-effects of invasive alien species.
May 22 is observed as the international biodiversity day all over the world. This year too, the forest department and UP environment directorate will organize programmes on Sunday to spread awareness about the ailing biodiversity. India has world’s 8% floral and 6.5%fauna species and that make it rich in biodiversity.
Survey conducted by the botanical survey of India show that there are 45,968 species of plants and 91,364 species of animals.
However, factors like hunting, excessive extraction of resources and environmental pollution are threatening the country’s biodiversity
“Continued loss of forest will be particularly harmful,” said an official release. The forest and tree cover of Uttar Pradesh is 9.01% of the total geographical area. To conserve the depleting biodiversity, the government had planned to set up five new biodiversity parks across the state.
The year 2011 has been declared as the ‘international year of forests’ by the united nations, so the programmes for this biodiversity day will be the theme forest diversity.
The year will be dedicated to raise awareness about challenges faced by the forests all over the world and motivate people to tribute in forest conversation. The UP state biodiversity board will join in to spread awareness through planned activities like exhibitions, plantation drives and competitions throughout the year. Besides, the UP environment directorate will also organize a series of informative programmes.
The directorate will organize a quiz for school students. The stalls with informative material will be set up at five places in Lucknow university campus and at three malls in the city. The stalls will be set up by zoology department of Lucknow University. Yasahpal Singh, director, environment, said that a demo- van will spread awareness about the ailing biodiversity through puppetry at different places of the city from May 22 to 25.
The event will begin at the regional sciences city on Sunday. The state-level seminar will also be organized on the occasion.