India is outraged over the shameful molestation of a girl by a group of mocking men in full public view in a busy area of Guwahati. The confrontation take place on 10th of July, 2012 (Monday night), in front of a bar on the Guwahati-Shillong Road. This led to a public protest after a video of the awful incident was uploaded on to the YouTube. Director General of Police Assam has confirmed that 11 of the 12 accused have been acknowledged, while three people were arrested last night and one more person was held by the police in correlation with the disgraceful happening.

Among the arrested is a contractual employee of Assam Electronic Development Corporation Ltd, Amarjyoti Kalita. Kalita, who had also acted in an Assamese serial where he had performed the role of a policeman, has since been dismissed from his service. The other two arrested were Dhanonjoy Basfor and Bulbul Das. The identity of the fourth accused is yet to be discovered. “One more person has been arrested and 12 others have been identified,” Assam Director General of Police, Jayanta Narayan Chowdhury, told to the media. Monitoring on the criticism of his force over the delayed action, Chowdhury said police is not like an “ATM machine” which can be present at the crime scene the moment one inserts a card in the machine.

Home Minister P Chidambaram, meanwhile, said no one should make light of a happening of molesting a woman or molesting a child and strongly condemned if any one tried to do so. “If they have tried to make light of the incident I strongly condemn it. No one should make light of an incident of molesting a woman or molesting a child,” he told the media in Chandigarh. The minister said he would be in touch with the Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi over the incident. Meanwhile, Gogoi termed the incident in a public place as unfortunate and said it should not have been allowed to occur. He also directed the district administration and police to monitor all bars, clubs, discos and hotels and raid them at any time if there was report of any problematic incident.

The happening came to light after the video of the confrontation went viral on the Internet. As per the information, the girl along with a friend had gone to bar situated on the Guwahati-Shillong road to attend a birthday party. However, she entered into a scuffle with her friend, subsequent which a group of men took advantage of the situation and molested her.
“Thanks to the prompt media coverage, we have got the video clip of the brawl and have identified 12 of them. We will take strong action against the guilty,” the DGP said. Narrating the progression of events, Chowdhury said, “Four girls and two boys, apparently known to each other, entered the bar on Monday night, where they subsequently had a brawl and were forced outside by the establishment’s security.” “When the six came out on the streets, local people taking advantage of the state pushed and pulled one of the girls and attempted to strip and molest her,” the DGP said. “The police were alerted and they reached the scene immediately after the incident and rescued the girl,” he said.

Inquiring about the safety of women in Guwahati, the DGP said, “This incident does not prove that there are predators lurking in the city”. “This is just an isolated incident when local people took advantage of the situation and indulged in the crime,” the DGP said. The accused were framed under Sec 341 (wrongful restraint) 143 (unlawful assembly), 294 (obscene act), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 354 (assault or criminal force on a woman with the intent to outrage her modesty) of IPC following a written complaint filed by girl’s mother. Chairperson of Assam State Commission for Women, Neera Barooah, said that the commission had taken suo motu cognisance of the incident and will decide on the next course of action based on police action and report.

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On the other hand,

In Guwahati, outraged activists have put up hoardings all across the city with photographs of the 11 culprits, who molested the girl outside a city’s pub and asked people to inform the police about their whereabouts. “We have put up hoardings in some well-known places and at all the bus stops in the city. The basic idea behind putting the photographs of the culprits is to help police to bring the culprits to the book and to create an awareness so that such things do not occur in future,” said Avijit Sarma of the NGO Assam Public Works (APW).

Protest in Guwahati: A girl's plead

Protest in Guwahati: A girl’s plead

All 11 have been identified and efforts are on to trace the seven other men involved in the crime Monday night, an official said. The group molested and stripped the teenage girl after she came out with her friends from the restaurant-cum-bar Club Mint on the busy G.S. Road on Monday night. Although she cried for help, no one initially came forward to help. Much later, senior journalist Mukul Kalita, who happened to pass by, stopped the youths and rescued her with the help of police who by then had arrived on the location. The clip of the girl being molested was also caught on camera and went viral on the net.

“We have recorded the statement of the girl and registered a case against all those involved in the crime. We have identified all the culprits by checking the video footage captured by a local news channel,” said Additional Superintendent of Police (City) Longnit Teron.

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has uttered worry over the incident and said that a separate task force would be set up to deal with such crimes against women in Guwahati and other places in the state. The administration is also planning a crackdown on bars and other such establishments which are open till late night, violating government guidelines. It is too little too late, said activists, questioning why the police took so long to reach the spot and why it took them four days to make the arrests even though they had the video clip to go by.

Hundreds of people, mostly women, on Sunday took out a protest rally through the streets of Guwahati, demanding commendable punishment to the culprits of the July 10. The rally mainly called by Assam’s farmers’ body Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS), was also supported by Nirjatan Birodhi Oikya Mancha and several other women and human rights groups. The participants even braved rains that lashed the city since morning and shouted slogans against the failure of the state government to protect women in the city. The protestors also carried posters and hoardings, which were written demanding a ban on a private news channel, News Live, for the so-called role of one its journalist in instigating the mob to strip the victim in public. The channel has denied this.

“We condemn the role being played by the police and district administration over the case. The administration took a long time to act and only six of the culprits have been arrested so far. This shows the failure of the state government to provide protection to people, particularly women,” said Sumitra Hazarka, an activist. “There are allegations that a journalist of a private news channel is involved in inciting the mob to strip the girl in public. If that is so, it is condemnable and there should be action against him too,” she said adding that there must be an inquiry into the whole incident.

“There have been several cases of atrocities on women across the state and in most cases, justice remains eluded. A few days back, a woman Congress legislator of Assam -Rumi Nath was beaten up severely by mob in Karimganj town. Police including the body guards of the legislator remained mute spectators. The attackers of Rumi Nath are still absconding,” said another woman protestor while adding that the situation will turn worse if the government does not act tough now.

The protest rally also shouted slogans in front of the office of News Live, located on the busy GS Road.

Bollywood Condemns Guwahati Molestation

“Disgusting” and “shameful” is how Bollywood celebrities Amitabh Bachchan, Bipasha Basu and Farhan Akhtar have dubbed the molestation of a teenager by a mob in Guwahati. The 17-year-old had gone to a pub with another girl Monday night. She was looking for an auto when 11 men pounced on her. The other girl escaped. A video clip of the girl being molested was caught on camera and went viral on the net. It caused outrage.  Here’s what the B-town twitterati had to say:

Amitabh Bachchan: Horrid visuals on TV of molestation of young girl… but just a point. How does TV crew know of it live and why don’t they intervene?

Bipasha Basu: Guwahati molestation of a 17-year-old girl for 29 minutes on the road! Shameful! These monsters have to be punished!

Anupam Kher: My country gives me millions of reasons to be a proud Indian. But it also makes me feel ashamed to be one on many occasions.

Shekhar Kapur: As a society we must take collective responsibility for Guwahati for making incidents like this acceptable and rampant. Constant bombarding of female image as mere object of sexual titillation is bound to alter perception of the immature male. Physical abuse of women and even rape is not a sexual act, but act of humiliation and power by male lacking in self worth.

Farhan Akhtar: Guwahati pathetic! Shameful! Indian women better realise that they are on their own.

Vishal Dadlani: I apologise to the girl, on behalf of this evidently depraved nation. Can’t even imagine her trauma. I swear, I’ll NEVER be a bystander while an innocent person needs help, no matter what the risk.

Rahul Bose: Sickened by the beating, molestation of a class 11 girl student in Guwahati. Saddened to the point of despair that none came to her rescue. How much more violence against women must we see before we realise it will end civilisation as we know it. What makes men silent onlookers to such carnage? what delight in seeing a 17-year-old girl brutalised?

R. Madhavan: Guwahati is a bitter reminder of how socially we are still a third world or worse country. If any genuine progress is to be made, then a drastic social change in mindset has to be enforced.

Mandira Bedi: Shameful. Disgusting animals who gloated while they molested a woman and played to a camera while at it. Sickening.

Pritish Nandy: Disgusting, the molestation of a girl in Guwahati by a mob of 30. No one stopped them. Shame on those who molested the girl. Shame on those who saw it, did not intervene. Shame on police who have done nothing since.

Note: Matter collectively collected and then rearranged from India Today, Zee News and Northeast Today websites. The basic idea is to create awareness towards this one of basic plus evil disease spread in our society.

My Views:

Go through this whole incident and then reframe this in to your mind.. Keep yourself in place to that girl. Feel the trauma, pain and sadness occurred during this incident. Imagine 20-30 people violating you, beating you and molesting you and that to for no reason. You even don’t know them. No one comes to your guard even after your yelling and pleading for help.. Feel the cry and tears rolling continuously.. What a severe trauma. Imagine.. Just for a second keep yourself in place to that girl. What was going on in her mind at that very pathetic situation where she was a merely a toy for those bastards (literally wanted to say this straight). What has just happened to our human brain and to our civic society.

Now the solution:

  1. Many would say, girl/women should not cross her boundaries. She has to be in her home at that very time. After 6:00 PM, none of the girl’s should even have to cross her home’s boundaries.
  2. Some would say girls should avoid boys and stay away from them as if evilness lies in every heart.
  3. Modernization is must to be avoided.

Etc etc

Is this the solution we need?

No, this is not a solution. This is merely surrender, a compromise made by most of us. Now, the question arises what can we do? We are common people. Ok, I agree. We are common people. On the other hand, does any one of us know that most of the country’s population is ours, the common people. These culprits are between us and are one of us. Now, the decision is ours. These handful of monsters are more powerful or we the lakhs and lakhs of the common men. At the same time, here comes the worse part.. From where are these monsters coming from?  Only punishing the guilty is not a solution, killing the evil is the pure cure. These monsters are not coming from some space extra. These are in between us. Go through your family (it’s a hard truth), if anyone is on wrong path or with a wrong group of people. Help them; guide them such that they could re catch their true path not the wrong one. I don’t remember who said this “If you dare to clean your society, start from your own house.” Then, go through your society etc and if you find something wrong, ask for society support to finish that evil either by working on that very person or on the worse situations by the police help.

On the contrary side, our country is facing these evil due to our faults. These incidents happen because we ignore the wrong things even after we are the spectators too. This gives strength to those evil guys and that handful of monsters rule the entire society of 100-500 people or even more. Then, a day arises when we are in the same situation i.e. became the victim of those men, we plead for help and none appears to help. This goes on and on with many of us none remains untouched with the evil. Now imagine 500 of us over that handful i.e. 6-10. What would happen? Think..

If we common people could realize our power and the above policy is adopted by most of us, all the evil will vanish like never existed. This is a fact.

One thing our country’s women should also have to keep in mind that modernization is not in the way we dress up, it should be in our way of thinking.. Like in a hospital, among many patients some are incurable. Similarly, in this situation not every of the men can be cured from these evil diseases. Also, at that very situation none accept you; yourself can protect yourself from these people. If you people find me wrong then, please forgive me but I want to say that we have accepted modernization a lot but still most of our countrymen are far from it. They take it otherwise and bad incidents happen.

At last, I have a great sympathy with that Guwahati girl. I know, I could not make it but if I had the chance I would have met her and should have offered my wishes to her.

Thanks for reading…